To Monetize, Or Not To Monetize

There is one question that I get quite a bit from fans of this blog. They always want to know, “Why don’t you monetize your site, don’t you want to make money online?” The answer in short is yes, I do want to make money online. On the other hand I just don’t think that a blog is the best way to make money online. Blogging is very time consuming and the return on time invested would be horribly low starting out. This is why I have a huge directory project underway. The thing that I really need to focus on right now, instead of how to make money off of my blog, is how to create value for my readers. I really want to focus on quality content at this point more than anything. I think this is where so many bloggers make their turn for the worst. I don’t mind looking at an ad or two because we all know hosting costs money, but please refrain from the over monetizing early on.


Most start-up bloggers take notice of the six figure bloggers and think, man if I could only make that type of money. The thing about these bloggers some people may not realize is that they worked their asses off to get where they are today. While you were taking a lunch break these people were blogging. Keep in mind these folks were not always six figure bloggers. They had to start somewhere and most of them started out working for free on something they had a true passion for.

If you really want to be a successful blogger you need to find your true passion and blog about it. If you do this you will never really have to “work” on your blog. This also helps the content a great deal and keeps you focused on things that matter instead of just making a dollar, euro, yen or whatever.

The whole point here is that you should sit back and analyze your blog before you make an attempt at monetizing. If my main focus was monetizing you wouldn’t be reading this post. That said, find your reader base and find out what your blog is all about. What is your focus? What do your readers like? Grow your reader base first, then worry about monetizing. If you learn anything here at all, please understand this. Over monetized blogs that don’t make any sense and don’t follow any order, don’t attract readers.