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Good Cypress seo expert  – Google has just announced thier new search engine algorithm to be called as #HummingBird.This search engine algorithm is bringing a serious change in the conservation of the web history.Where majority of the existing blogs and websites are had been attacked by a traffic drop problem from past one month.Google has silently launched this new algorith,which has affected a millions of webpages and blog’s across the internet world.This new algorithm update was intoduced to improve particluar meaning of a particular keyword in the search engine results.The Google’s Hummingbird has already affected more than 90% of Internet world searches from the past one month and it is getting ready to take down more of the search listings.


Good Cypress seo expert

Google Hummingbird was already successful in parsing the complex searches and you can see many of the majority search results got much better compared to the older search results.This effect has resulted many of the webpages had been wiped out from the Google’s SERP’s and many of the majority webpages are containing only the standard keyword without any proper introduction to the content.Google is still not going much technical with this update,but has surely given a hint to this algorithm update by a meaning to us “To provide more quality content to the audience”.

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