Benefits of San Diego Foundation Repair

Improper Drainage
If the area around your foundation drains poorly then it will take longer for water to be removed from the area. Increased water in the area can mean more water pressure on the foundation wall. Add to that the pressure of the surrounding soil and sometimes there is more pressure than the wall is designed to withstand, which can leads to bowed, cracked, or leaning walls.

Expansive Clays
Soil is considering expansive clay when it dramatically expands or contracts with variations in water levels. If you home was built on expansive clay then the soil around your home will swell when it is wet. This may not seem like important, but some clays can expand very substantially and increase pressure on your home’s basement foundation wall by over several tons per square foot. With that much increased pressure on the wall, it wouldn’t a be a surprise if the walls started to crack.



Benefits of San Diego Foundation Repair

These are just a few of the different causes of foundation wall failure and cracks. It is important to note that this is a very small part of a much larger list of issues that can effect the structural integrity of your foundation wall.

We’ll talk a little bit more in our next article about the differences between vertical and horizontal foundation wall cracks and what they mean for your repair efforts.