What is the perfect way to find a bookkeeper that suits your business well?

For entrepreneurs it can have many advantages to outsource the administration to an offerte boekhouder. This way you have more time for running your business and you don’t have to worry about your administration. But how do you choose the right accountant? You must be able to trust your accountant, because he has insight into all your figures. Especially if you want to use the services of boekhouders Zwolle or boekhouders Den Haag we would advice you to check out all the different prices in the market.

In addition, your accountant must have enough knowledge and experience to keep your administration up to date. After all, your administration is the basis for your tax return, and you are naturally not waiting for fines from the Tax Authorities! That is why choosing the right accountant is very important. In this blog we give you a number of tips for choosing the right accountant.

Skills and knowledge

First, it is of course important that your accountant has sufficient skills and knowledge. You entrust your administration to your bookkeeper and of course you want them to deal with it professionally. Look up reviews about the accountant and always talk to more than one accountant. Also make sure you choose an accountant, a chartered accountant or an accountant-accounting consultant.

In addition, look at the current clients of the accountant. Are they positive about the accountant? And from which industry do they come? It may be wise to choose an accountant with clients from the same industry as your company. This means that the accountant has experience with the industry in which you are active. It can work advantageously if the accountant is aware of all regulations within your industry. Doomen & Quist is oneaccountant in Etten-Leur who is always up to date with the latest developments and regulations.

Expectations of the accountant

It is also important to consider in advance what expectations you have of your accountant. Do you just want this to sort your administration? Or do you also expect him to file your tax return and prepare your annual statement? You can also choose an accountant who can advise you on financial matters, such as investments. Trust is extremely important in the latter case.

Current knowledge

Up-to-date knowledge is important when choosing an accountant. Laws and regulations are constantly changing, and it is therefore important that the accountant is aware of this. During the interview, ask a few questions about new legislation in your industry. And can he clearly answer this? Then he is aware of the current laws and rules!

The price

The price is of course also an important point when hiring an accountant. Is there an hourly rate or a fixed price? Which things are included in the price? Is every telephone question charged? And are additional costs communicated with you in advance? All very important things to take into account when choosing an accountant.

Understandable language

You must be able to understand your accountant, so it is important that he can clearly explain complicated matters to you. Ask a difficult question during the interview. Can he give you an understandable answer? Then you’re in the right place!

Good feeling

Finally, it is important that you have a good feeling with your accountant. You must be able to trust him blindly, and then it will be nice if there is a click between you. Do you feel bad during a conversation with an accountant? Then don’t go into the sea with him!