What is the most important factor for the centrifugation process for washing machines?

During the centrifugation process, as much moisture as possible is thrown out of the wax by the washing machine. Modern washing machines spin at 1200, 1400 rpm or 1600 rpm. The 1400 rpm washing machine is a lot cheaper than the faster brother who spins at 1600 rpm, while the rest of the machines are often identical. Bekijk hier the best wasmachines to find out which brand suits you best.

But when is the speed important for your washing machine?

A more expensive 1600 rpm washing machine is the right choice if the washing often goes into the tumble dryer. The dryer uses more energy than a washing machine.

If your laundry often hangs to dry on the washing line, choose a 1400 rpm washing machine. The purchase price is lower and the wear and tear of the washing machine is less.

  • The rule of thumb, the higher the rpm, the drier it usually is. On the energy label you can see the drying class and the residual moisture percentage.
  • Do you often use a tumble dryer? Then you can save on the energy consumption of the dryer by choosing a washing machine that is good at spinning.
  • Our favourite: the Samsung WW80J6400CW is a centrifuge topper and therefore a good friend of any tumble dryer.

What is the most modern washing machine of this day?

Most modern washing machines are unprecedentedly energy efficient. There are machines that allow you to wash for a year for less than 25 euros in energy costs.

The energy label is a good starting point for finding out how economical your washing machine is. By multiplying the number at kWh by € 0.23, you get an indication of the annual power consumption. Keep in mind that these are based on the economical, but very long-term, eco-programs. You will often see that here:

  • a 7 kilo washing machine is cheaper than a 9 kilo washing machine
  • a 1400 rpm washing machine is more energy efficient than the 1600 rpm machine.
  • In short, making the right choice pays off. This means that there is no most energy-efficient washing machine that is suitable for everyone.